Pottz Panned to go 100% Live…now it gets real!

Yes I know, the 15th of the month has come and gone and there has been no Pottz Panned – the monthly live video of one of my tracks.

Well, I have a very valid excuse reason this month.  I have decided that from now on my monthly videos will be streamed live on Facebook Live Video. Sure you will lose the high quality 3 camera edits that you have grown used to, and the various other  video gimmickry I’ve deployed before, but it will be 100% LIVE.

It was always my intention with these monthly videos to have a forum for ongoing improvement of my live material, with the intention to get some live gigs.  Well, it’s time to really put it out there.

I’m just waiting for the delivery of a little piece of hardware that will ensure that the sound quality is good…and I’ll get July’s post out there (at this stage I’m thinking of posting it live to the  Tech House Australia FB Group…maybe some more international sites thereafter.

Here’s  little tester I did (with sub-par quality…audio gizmo still en route).

Or here on Facebook.




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