October Monthly Notes

Another month done and the end of the year is rushing up. At lease there are no excuses this month. I’ve got 5 new tracks out and available. Hopefully this is a sign that I have got my musical rhythm back…just in time!

I was having a bit of fun with the Prisma iOS app for the artwork this month (using the Lichtenstein filter). As always, it’s a Tech House collection, with smatterings of jazzy influences.

Check out the Autumn Leaves cover – Leaving Autumn (feat. Claire Reneé). I stumbled upon Claire’s great offbeat acapella on YouTube and it fitted the track I was working on perfectly. I’m still waiting (and hoping) she will confirm she’s ok with me posting the track. Head over to SoundCloud to grab all of the 5 new tracks from October.https://soundcloud.com/stevepottz/sets/2016-october-tracks
And so onto November I go. Having broken the ice in October with my first ever live feed (via Facebook) of one of my tracks, I’ll be back mid-November with the next installment. Watch the socials.

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