Via in Sicilia

Or ‘off to Sicily’!! I wish my Italian was at the level where I knew how to translate that without Google translate…

So my studio has been reduced to this, and I’m off for 3 months of Mediterranean-inspired music creation….oh, and also a few drops of Malvasia and the odd plate of pasta alla Norma.

But that’s not all that’s happening! I recently also managed to get myself one of these –
Burning Man 2019 tickets!!

I’ve been lucky enough to link up with a very cool BM crew called the Geckos and will also get an opportunity to take my music to the playa for some desert tunage!! 2 long-standing dreams are happening!

So, the next 3 months in Sicily is going to be spent ensuring I have the very best of desert tech disco beats for all the lovely people in Black Rock City. Keep an eye out for my next missive on how I plan to do that!

Meanwhile, it’s time to go once more over the check list….passport? chk…. Keyboards and synths? chk…

ci vediamo

July Monthly Notes

Something Techno

A busy month, but not all music.  Over two weeks spent in my favourite city in the world – Tokyo.  So the music making had to take a back seat to the sushi-eating.

Still, there are 3 tracks from July…here’s the first one (final mixes are in process with the other 2).  This is a little bit of dub techno.  Enjoy.

Looking forward to a full month of music in August, uninterrupted by work or play – time to get the music machine pumping again.

June Monthly Notes

First up… the new tunes.  5 Tracks for June, all with a tech house flavour.  Here they are:

July will be a quiet month with only 10 days before I and Mrs Pottz head off for some Japanese craziness in Tokyo.  Will have to find a few of the little techno hideaways to grab some Japanese influences while travelling.

Also, I am way behind on getting my live set up and running, along with my monthly video feeds…normal programming will resume in August.

Off to get cracking on some new tunez for July.

2017…And we’re Off!!

Some new music to kick off 2017.  3 tracks I have had bouncing around for far too long and I just need to get them off the ‘work in progress’ list and DONE!!

So here they are:

…leaving a clean slate to start February’s new music tomorrow.

The ever-necessary corporate gig will still be causing some intrusions into the music production for the next 2 months, but I hope to still get a fresh batch of music brewing right away.

October Monthly Notes

Another month done and the end of the year is rushing up. At lease there are no excuses this month. I’ve got 5 new tracks out and available. Hopefully this is a sign that I have got my musical rhythm back…just in time!

I was having a bit of fun with the Prisma iOS app for the artwork this month (using the Lichtenstein filter). As always, it’s a Tech House collection, with smatterings of jazzy influences.

Check out the Autumn Leaves cover – Leaving Autumn (feat. Claire Reneé). I stumbled upon Claire’s great offbeat acapella on YouTube and it fitted the track I was working on perfectly. I’m still waiting (and hoping) she will confirm she’s ok with me posting the track. Head over to SoundCloud to grab all of the 5 new tracks from October.
And so onto November I go. Having broken the ice in October with my first ever live feed (via Facebook) of one of my tracks, I’ll be back mid-November with the next installment. Watch the socials.

September Monthly Notes

Well, end of another month. I’ve got a bunch of new tracks (5), but they’re all JUST about finished and with a long weekend looming, they’re going to spill over into October. So time to get out the one that is finished.

This one’s called HUM and it’s a jazzy, playful little house tune. This one’s available for download so head over to SoundCloud to grab it.

You may have noticed the Pottz Panned videos have disappeared?? Well, I have no further excuses, having received all the technical gadgetry I need to run a proper live feed. So watch out for my first ever live feed of one of my tracks in October.

Keeping the music playing…just

So, one month of 2016 is gone, and I’m afraid Steve Pottz is still stuck in the corporate salt mines. But there is some music on the horizon (see a sample of my next release below).

First Statement of Revenue – With some good news, my first statement came in from my digital distributor, and …I am making money from music!! Not quite at the stage of having Made Music My Life, but a start. So big thanks to all those who have supported and bought my music online. If anyone else is still looking get some of my tracks, here are some links to the last 2 releases:

Sydney Summertime EP…/sydney-summertime-s…/id1043800144
(Also on all other major distributors)

Been Missin’ You

Fine Tune Records is also lining up for its next release with a Deep House version of the classic South African jazz track – Mannenberg. Here’s a taster of what’s to come:

I’m afraid, that’s it for this month. A few more months like this and I will be back at the musical grindstone, turning out some more cranking tunes. Until next time – cheers

Steve Pottz

September has been a busy month. There’s the usual selection of new music to listen to, but this month, there’re a few differences. I wrote a new track for the Strawberry Fields Festival and CDR project competition. A great compo that required using at least one of a bunch of samples provided and maintaining the Strawberry Fields ethos. Check out my offering Fields of Waves.

Something else I started this month was a creative project that required me to write a bunch of tracks with different influences and inspirations. It’s called Project Godard and my explorations can be found in the Project Godard Playlist (expect a varied array). Watch out for my Kanye West inspired hip hop track out next month, entitled Blah, Blah, Blah…hopefully with video.

And, of course, the usual monthly tracks. So, 7 new musical musings for the month.

Also, I played a 1h45 Live set at the launch of Yoke Magazine which was a great opportunity to get some Steve Potz out there to the spiritual set.

Finally, the big news is that at the end of October, the first Fine Tune Records release will happen with the Steve Pottz debut EP – Sydney Summertime, coming out on Beatport, iTune, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Shazam and a slew of other digital distributors. A very exciting milestone, getting the record label set-up and music finally making commercial release (time to start saving?).



August Monthly Tracks are here

It’s that time of the month again and here’s a new collection of tracks.

A busy month with a bunch of time taken up with preparing the masters for my first EP release coming out in Spring – watch this space.

There’s a definite element of the deeper house sound creeping in with some of the tracks – check out Mannenberg, a deep house treatment of a Cape jazz song by Abdullah Ibrahim that I used to play in the South African band Sabenza. Chameleon is another nod back to my jazz past, covering the Herbie Hancock classic.

Back Down gets a lot tougher with a growly bass that keeps this track moving along.

July Monthly Tracks are out

6 new tracks for you to stream or download

It’s that time of the month again and I have 6 new tracks for you.

Very much a tech house collection this month, meandering a bit into the house space with Sane Planing.  Check out Strumpet for some grooving trumpets, or Dark Signsfor something a little…darker.

Stream them on SoundCloud or hit the download button to save for offline listening.