Via in Sicilia

Or ‘off to Sicily’!! I wish my Italian was at the level where I knew how to translate that without Google translate…

So my studio has been reduced to this, and I’m off for 3 months of Mediterranean-inspired music creation….oh, and also a few drops of Malvasia and the odd plate of pasta alla Norma.

But that’s not all that’s happening! I recently also managed to get myself one of these –
Burning Man 2019 tickets!!

I’ve been lucky enough to link up with a very cool BM crew called the Geckos and will also get an opportunity to take my music to the playa for some desert tunage!! 2 long-standing dreams are happening!

So, the next 3 months in Sicily is going to be spent ensuring I have the very best of desert tech disco beats for all the lovely people in Black Rock City. Keep an eye out for my next missive on how I plan to do that!

Meanwhile, it’s time to go once more over the check list….passport? chk…. Keyboards and synths? chk…

ci vediamo

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