Keeping the music playing…just

So, one month of 2016 is gone, and I’m afraid Steve Pottz is still stuck in the corporate salt mines. But there is some music on the horizon (see a sample of my next release below).

First Statement of Revenue – With some good news, my first statement came in from my digital distributor, and …I am making money from music!! Not quite at the stage of having Made Music My Life, but a start. So big thanks to all those who have supported and bought my music online. If anyone else is still looking get some of my tracks, here are some links to the last 2 releases:

Sydney Summertime EP…/sydney-summertime-s…/id1043800144
(Also on all other major distributors)

Been Missin’ You

Fine Tune Records is also lining up for its next release with a Deep House version of the classic South African jazz track – Mannenberg. Here’s a taster of what’s to come:

I’m afraid, that’s it for this month. A few more months like this and I will be back at the musical grindstone, turning out some more cranking tunes. Until next time – cheers

Steve Pottz

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