What the hell is #20TracksIn20?

#20TracksIn20 is the creative process I am following whilst hanging out in Sicily for 3 months.  The purpose is to squeeze as much creativity and musical output out of the next three months, and is a derivative of what I started in Berlin last year.  It goes something like this:

Every work day I…

Start the day with a 30 min creative SPLURGE. (A Splurge is a creative dump where you just produce anything, without applying judgement, or criticism.  Just DO!).  The results of a splurge is a musical idea that is saved, an audio export recorded, and then just forgotten (for at least 2 weeks).  I’ve been doing these now for over a year and as a result have over 250 of these ready to be used….see next step.


I take a pre-selected splurge (I choose 5 at the start of each week) which I think has promise and develop it further to the point that I can do a LIVE JAM of the track.  These live jams are purposefully very improvisational (and can be repetitive as I work out what sounds work), and are streamed live (*see below) to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.  And (this is the best part), the resulting arrangement is recorded directly into my music software.  Check out my first track for May:

This means I have a daily nearly finished track (all that needs to be done is work out the parts that worked, and delete those that didn’t and do a quick polish on the arrangement.

…and wash, rinse and repeat for every work day….

#20TracksIn20 = 20 (almost) finished tracks in 20 (work) days.

I’ll then pick the best of all these tracks to include in the music I want to take to Burning Man (3 weeks after I get back from Sicily).

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube to see how this all pans out…

(*A small technical problem is the very average internet where we are staying, so tracks will be recorded live and uploaded).

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