YOKE Magazine Launch Party

My very talented friend, Cynthia Sciberras, has just launched YOKE Magazine (“A print magazine believing in the power of creativity and unity to inspire transformation.”)

Get the magazine now. It’s beautiful.

And I had the privilege of playing some tunes at the launch party.  I had great fun chilling out my normal live set to be more suitable for sundowners on a Sydney terrace.

Also, I wrote 3 new tracks for the occasion, all with a jazzy vibe – much piano abounds.  I’ll have studio mixes of those 3 tracks out by the end of January, so watch this space.  In the meantime, here’s a little taster of the new tunes from the YOKE Magazine launch.

Highlights from the 1st Live Set

After many weeks of preparation, I got my first live set delivered in early December.  Much thanks to the online community for all the assistance in getting things working, most notably the great advice you can get from Tom Cosm.

This was a rather humble beginning, but marks quite a milestone for the Steve Pottz live shows.  Much has been learnt along the way and I have a very clear idea about what will be coming out in 2014…watch this space.