New Tunez

Well I said I’d shoot out something with some new music and here it is:

Six new tracks, all available for stream and download.  They’re just rough mixes while I let them brew a while before deciding which ones go further.

Enjoy!  Drop a comment on SoundCloud with your thoughts – all constructive feedback appreciated.

Spring into Action

Spring!  Already?  I’ve been busy in the Pottz Studio working on a bunch of new music.  Some of it has involved taking the tracks I put together in Berlin and properly ‘finishing’ them – also getting them set-up for my live performance.  I have 40 track ideas from the 2 months in Berlin that I am picking through for those that warrant final treatment.  Here’s a look back at one of those that I will definitely rework.  It’s a nostalgic throwback to my African roots:


New Release
Also, I have a new release due out at the end of September, a dubby techno track – Flow Tin.  Of course, as a loyal subscriber, you’ll get a free download in my Monthly Notes email at the end of the month.

Live Gigs
…are still being chased, hopefully some news on those soon.  In the meantime, I’m doing a weekly live feed on Facebook (and YouTube, Periscope and Twitch…pick your site, links below) every Monday (1st one on the 3rd September) to showcase what I’m working on for my live set.  If you like what you see, please share far and wide, particularly to influential promoters!!

That’s all for this month’s Monthly Notes…back to the studio!

Live techno…only 2 weeks to go!

Well, the time has come for me to get out there and play my music live!!

In 2 weeks time, on 27 March, I have a slot in the weekly Resonate Open Decks night at Club 77. Resonate Open Decks is like an open mic night for DJs and producers, where each artist gets 30 minutes to ply their trade.

I’d love to see you there on the night, and you can witness the borderline chaos that is live techno, as I fight valiantly with the controllers and gadgets to prevent everything unraveling in an almighty crash!!! Ok, a little dramatic, but sometimes that’s how it feels behind all those buttons, knobs and keys….come check it out.

ROD Set Times

C’ya 2017!!!

And there goes 2017.  Out with a bang!


I’m really looking forward to 2018 with a renewed focus on the music, and avoiding all other distractions.  Watch this space for some new approaches early in the new year, plenty of new music and a big focus on live performances.

And so the final instalment of new music for 2017. 6 brand new tracks for you to listen to.  Click above or here to have listen.

In 2018, I’ll be looking at the best ways to get my music out to everyone, so will be giving you all a yell to hear what works best for you.

Here’s to a kicking new year in all things music!!

Techy and Glitchy – new music

After spending the best part of 4 weeks climbing in Yosemite (hero pic below) and running around Lake Tahoe, it’s back into the Pottz Studio for some new tracks.


4 new tracks from the first few weeks of September and the tail of October. As always they are here on SoundCloud for free download. There’s definitely a somewhat glitchy sound to 3 of these tracks and Sweet Time is a bit of a stomper (a rework of an idea I had a few months back) Enjoy!

And so for the 1st time this year I have a full month ahead of me with no interruptions to try get my music throughput back up to some serious levels. Pity the weather is so hot and steamy in the Pottz studio!



Goodbye 2016…bring on 2017

Happy New Year to all, as we wrap up 2016. Thanks to all who have supported me in my music endeavors throughout the year

I’m looking forward to 2017 being a packed and productive year with plenty of new music and some new forays with my live act.

See you all on the other side…it’s going to be interesting.



10oo10k October Monthly Mix

10 tracks hand-picked from the 10,000  October releases

Another month gone and I’ve hunted through the 10,000 (or so) releases to choose these 10 for you.

Oxia is a producer that has cropped up in a number of my mixes, his tracks always seem to grab me.  This month his Point of View (Original Mix) is my favourite.  Hey, they’re all good – take a listen.

10oo10k August Monthly Mix

10 tracks hand-picked from the 10,000  August releases14305334_10154430798609827_5675183508442124119_o

A little slow to get this out this month.  I was rather busy getting my live set polished for playing at the release party (serious gig face on in pic alongside) for the 4th edition of Yoke Magazine (Edited by my very talented friend Cynthia Sciberras – get it here if you haven’t already).  But here we are a couple of days late.


A techno collection…as usual.  Skyline by Danger Noise is the one that I’m particularly enjoying at the moment. Enjoy them all!


August Monthly Notes

MUM’s the Word

Well another month gone and I know it’s been a bit quiet on the new-track front.  I have been busy.  Busy working on a creative course with a focus to Make Unique Music or MUM.  I have been churning out a track a week for the last 10 weeks, all designed to bring out the Pottz unique elements.  Each track came with various rules that challenged and stretched the creative mind…and a lot of fun things emerged.

Anyhow, I’m making them exclusively available to the Pottz Post subscribers for interest.  I still have to work out what I do with some as there are some that definitely warrant a rework.  If you want access to the tracks, hit this link to subscribe to Pottz Posts.

melting potSome notable tracks:
MUM04 – Fake (Has MJ’s Billie Jean as an inspiration)
MUM09 – Don’t Wait (with a sample of a Sydney pedestrian crossing signal)
MUM10 – Slow Train (I sing on this one!!!  Definitely one not for release, but a rework of a track I wrote 25 years ago about having to choose between music and conventional employment (the Slow Train).  Quite topical for now!!)

I’ll still have my monthly mix out on the 7th – 10oo10k August. And also a live video feed of one of my tracks can’t be too far away as well, so keep a look out.

10oo10k July Monthly Mix

10 tracks hand-picked from the 10,000  July releases

Some more techno for you.  Starting off with the somewhat wistful Lay Down byKalyma, things quickly get a lot more serious.  I’m quite enjoying the Joseph CapriatiRemix of Dubfire  & Oliver Huntermann’s Terra this month.